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Okay…its been a while.  Just sayin’.  I have been working on a lot of stuff for clients so I haven’t been able to really post anything here, but I do have this lovely video of a RealFlow test I did.  It is stylized water filling up a sphere and it is the first pass.  Yes it looks like gelatin, but it works so test successful!


In other news, I have started going through my Photorealism with Mental Ray course work.  If you would like to take the course, I would recommend heading over to CG Society.org and checking out their workshops.  It is an excellent price for everything that you learn.  I will be posting those updates but I won’t  be saying how I did anything unless it is different from the course.  It wouldn’t be fair to the instructor’s hard work.

Wine Guru

Sometimes you just need a change of pace, so that is what I am doing.  This way I have two projects I can work on simultainiously.  Instead of just stopping when I am stuck, I can continue on but in a different route.  Below is the concept image of the next model I will be working on, which I am going to be calling the “Wine Guru” for now.

I have to thank Chris Sasaki for the concept:


It truly is generous of you to allow me to model this AWESOME concept.  I just hope I can do it justice.  🙂