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This weekend.

So the heads are what I have been working on this weekend.  I am actually submitting them as extra work for a job application.  Wish me luck!

This final set of images are some of the things I worked on for the Lighting and Rendering course I took back in May/June.  I highly recommend the course if you get the chance to take it. 😀

Quick Post before bed.

Some things I am noting:

  • Nose is too wide.
  • Eyes may be wrong shape or do not come inward enough, producing an effect of them being too far apart or small.
  • Lips still need more work. – If anyone has any tips on lip sculpting in Zbrush, now would be the time.
  • Ears got pulled out too far in repositioning.


I really want to finish this model so I can light and texture him.  I have another model I am supposed to be starting Friday, which turns out to now be today.  😀  Also lighting and rendering homework, graphic design freelance and everything I have to do for moving and keeping my life afloat.  

Basically, for anyone who reads this, I am saying I am working at a constant rate.  Tomorrow/Today will be a big day.

Chris Turn

chris turn

Hey Everyone!

Above is a link to a quicktime turnaround of Chris Evans.  I would say…YAY I MADE ANOTHER GENERI-MALE!

Rip it apart please.

In other news my Lighting and Rendering Workshop has started and I have been working on that along with other things since my life has exploded again on a large scale.  I am now three days behind on this model, but I figure if I get my two models and demo reel done on time it doesn’t matter about the checkpoints as much.  I am still trying to hit them.


First image is from my good friend Meghan and the second is notes I was taking while talking to her on AIM.

I also got this nifty link:


We’re gettin’ there!

So I have missed my deadline, but at least I am working on the project.  The past two weeks have just been interesting so I shall leave it at that.  The base is still not done but is in fact closer than it was before.  Ignore the hairline.  It is there for personal ref and is completely wrong.  Since the last time I posted, I took the movie “Sunshine” and did about 400 screen captures of just Chris Evans for ref images.  Some I did so rapidly that cycling through the images produces an animation of his head turning.  Very helpful.

At the very least, I would say this is a good generi-man model, but it needs to BE my celebrity.  If anyone needs more ref images with this let me know and I will add them.