Revisiting Conference & Job Fair Etiquette

This is a topic that I always come back to every couple of years, whenever faced with a new batch of college graduates and job hunters.  General etiquette and preparedness for job fairs and networking.  I find it is always worth repeating.

  • Always have a business card even if it isn’t your ideal design.

I was surprised by the number of people that didn’t have a card, whether because they haven’t designed one they liked or they just didn’t get to it.   Continue reading

A Different Game

I started by just looking at my backlog. All those games bought over the years from crazy Steam Sales or from an article raving about the gameplay. Of course I will play ALL of them.. someday.. I wanted something that I had barely touched but I would have to dive deep into. Twenty games off the shelf later, I landed with Final Fantasy XII. This is one of those titles I bought when it came out, collector’s edition of course. I just had to have it and knew I would love it. Over the years I maybe played 4 hours of the game and pulled it out to play a dozen times, only to have a change of heart or be interrupted. Now it was time to delete all game saves and start from scratch.

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Personal Project Overload? Reboot.

A frequent problem of mine – coming up with too many tasks to do in my free time. Its something that plagues me when I’m too busy to add to the list; I have to keep piling it on. A backlog of games/books/movies, new projects, blog updates, clean out files on my computer or desk, picking up gardening, trying new recipes, begin an exercise program, catch up with old friends, and the list can go on and they do and they multiply. Often it leaves me just sitting and staring at the wall, not knowing which way I should be turning and my brain scattered across the room. Or even worse, it ends with endlessly streaming through Facebook posts and articles, mindlessly going where everyone has gone before. I feel lucky when it’s more productive procrastination, cleaning the apartment and reorganizing my desk, both usually on my “Household List.” In the end comes down to me not getting anything meaningful done.

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Edit: Rigging and Animating the Billboards Part 1 and 2

Two great videos from the Love in the time of Advertising short. This one is from David Bokser and he goes through the step by step process of growing a billboard in your backyard! So much good information!

Rigging and Animating the Billboards Part 1 from Love in the Time of Advertising on Vimeo.

Rigging and Animating the Billboards Part 2 from Love in the Time of Advertising on Vimeo.

Love in the Time of Advertising: Making Of Grass

Yesterday I posted the hair tutorial for Love in the Time of Advertising. Today is grass! I had a hand in this one while working on the project, but not the video. As you can see, the tutorials were posted a couple months ago and I have been a bit slow to post them. Definitely go to the Vimeo channel for both of these videos, to grab a peak at the trailer for the short. I am also noting that credit for the videos goes to Matt Berenty, one of two creators/directors of the film.

Love in the Time of Advertising: Making Of Grass from Love in the Time of Advertising on Vimeo.


Really cool post from the Gothamist showing off a project out of MIT.

In case it wasn’t already clear we’re headed for a WALL-E-esque future populated by robot bakers and oblong humanoids who communicate solely via iPad 7s, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have apparently invented a screen that allows you TO VIRTUALLY REACH OUT AND TOUCH THINGS on the other side.

I’m just going to let the post speak for itself and think about what other uses this could have.

Love in the Time of Advertising: Making Of Hair

I had the privilege of getting to work on this project. It is really great to see the tutorials of some of the techniques we used. If you get the chance to see the film on the festival circuit, I highly recommend taking the opportunity!

Love in the Time of Advertising: Making Of Hair from Love in the Time of Advertising on Vimeo.