So two weeks ago I started a beta program for a new online school that is starting up in January.  I am in the character modeling course with a lot of other really talented people, so the entire experience is pretty fantastic.  It also is getting me back into modeling.  I have been focusing a lot of learning new technologies and working on motion graphics.  So this is a very welcome addition to my life.

This class is only going on for four weeks and I figure this will end up being a GREAT portfolio piece at some point.  I am also coming up on our third meeting this Tuesday and figured I should post some progress.

Week 1:


So this is from week 1.  I probably spent about 2 to 3 hours on it, resizing an old model.  That week had been pretty busy….so…yeah… I swear I have excuses.

Week 2:


This is where I stand tonight.  I have till Tuesday and this is about another hour or so of work on the model.  A lot of my focus is just get down my shape and then adjusting topology for shape.  As far as edge flow, that is another matter and will come in due time.  The basis is there, which is important and it makes moving forward much easier.

Now to send off an email, read and then to bed.  😀