Project 1 – Hyper-realistic Male Celebrity

The way I am working right now is to give myself multiple projects from the get go.  All of these projects will be portfolio worthy and things my portfolio is lacking.  The categories up top also reflect the order of which projects will follow, so if someone ever wants to check out my final work posts they are readily available by clicking “End.”

The first project on my list was to create a hyper-realistic person of some sort.  I didn’t start out with anything in mind but have since gravitated towards hyper-realistic male celebrity, because I like to make my life a living hell.  A few things had to fall into requirement on this one.

  • I wanted a more sculpted build that could fit the basic hero type character.  I am the only person I know that does not have a space marine type character.
  • Lots of reference images.  I found just because you are a celebrity doesn’t mean you have good reference footage available.
  • Subtle features.  Again with makes my life harder.
  • For some reason I wanted someone who had been converted to CG beforehand.  The thought here was to be able to compare at the end.  /cough
  • And finally, someone that most people could recognize in some shape or form.

These were all things my reel lacks in some way.  

What I came up with was using Chris Evans, star in the Fantastic Four movies.  I was actually surprised in the amount of reference images I could find of him on the web so quickly.  In fact, Google thought I was a virus with how fast I was pulling images from the web and told me I was not allowed to continue for a set amount of time.

Currently, I am working with my base mesh and proportions/topology and will be following that up with some base uvs that will be more easily tweaked after I finish up in Zbrush.  Note: I have been trained in Zbrush 2 and have dabbled in Zbrush 3.  All in all I am rusty in both.  😀  This project should help rectify this problem.

The last detail to figure out is the final dress and pose of my figure at the end.  Any recommendations?