Your Website = Repulsing!

This topic is really becoming a series on this blog, even though that was not the intent. The intent of this blog was to document art and video game related topics and in no way did I imagine it would talk about portfolios and job hunting. It just so happens that this is my life right now. Going to conferences, networking, and viewing people’s portfolios on a daily basis.

One thing that I am stumbling on a lot are bad websites. I get a potential hire and go to their link and am unable to find their demo reel…or their site is broken….or their site is non-existent….or there is no reel…..or the reel is so big that it takes me a half hour to download it. I am a pretty patient person, so I tend to go a bit further than I should to view material. But I know plenty of people that would close out and never look at the stuff again, because of any one of these. Another note: PLEASE PROOFREAD! This will also kill chances along with someone’s brain when they try to read your stuff. Have a friend read through your resume and cover letter before you send it off. Even proofread your demo reel, because I find spelling errors there too. When I see them, the applicant loses points. Especially, if it is a detail oriented job, at which point there is a magic number then they are gone.

Here is a great article that a professor recommended to me that was a great help.

At this point it is safe to mention that this blog is starting a regular updating process of twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Once I know I can do that and have more to discuss I will ramp up to three times a week. I also apologize for already screwing up my schedule and posting this on a Wednesday. I got sick at GDC and am making a recovery at the moment.