If you get the chance to be in the expo hall in Moscone North, make an immediate right and head towards the wall. There will be a small booth on your right for Neuro Sky.

Their whole shtick is powering virtual worlds with your mind. When I walked up to the booth it was pretty crammed with people, so I never actually got to approach them and talk with them to find out how things were really functioning. Their demo consists of a guy dressed in cardboard as Master Chief. Cameras are implanted in his glasses to read eye movement. This allows the character in game to blink and look around the screen with the player. Other functions include menu commands depending on blink sequences, though not used in demo. The test subject had to touch the keyboard to switch modes.

From what I could gather there were sensors that were part of the head unit that allowed readings of brain activity. In game, this was measured on a meditation meter, which allowed for a selected action to be performed.

  • Push
  • Pull
  • Lift
  • Burn (because you can’t have a demo without fire)

This is where he actually had to touch the keyboard so the computer would know what to do with selected object. (Object selection was done with sight and concentration.)

What I was thinking, while watching this, was if one could set up the blink sequences appropriately, so they didn’t get confused with normal blink patterns, the keyboard could be eliminated. This system could quickly become overly complex, but for simple tasks, the system could easily become accessible for people without the ability to use a keyboard or mouse. It could also allow games to be played by those same people.

I know that these guys are definitely thinking along these lines. They talked briefly about these possibilities. I would just like to see it fully implemented in this way. I don’t see it hitting the main consumer market, but it definitely has a niche somewhere. Even if it is just so we can have a Jedi mind power game.

This company is actively looking for investors so they can make a commercial level product with applications.