The Die Hard Trifecta!

So I spent my weekend watching the first season of Arrested Development and the Die Hard Trilogy. I know…awesome combo. While watching Die Hard, I remembered a game that I played back on the PS1 called, you guessed it, Die Hard Trilogy. This little number was actually three games in one, each being each movie. (Wow! Rocket science all over the place!)

I remember the first being an endless shooter where you went from floor to floor in Nakatomi Tower and killed endless amounts of the same bad guy. The second,….hmmm…..don’t remember what you did there. Want to say it was more of the same but at an airport with you stuck to a track. If anyone remembers that one, comment. And the last was a driving game, where you raced through New York at record times.

I sucked at these games, but my cousin blasted through all of them. I also remember the first game made me nauseous if I left the blood on, which even then I thought the graphics were laughable. So I was confused by the sickness.

Here is the real kicker. I remember thinking the games were horrible. This could have also been a 10 year old saying, “I am not good at this game so I automatically hate it!” Apparently I was wrong to some extent. I decided to do some research and found that there was a sequel, since the first game was so popular, and a N64 version in the waiting till it got canned. The score was pretty high as well.

Here is some more info:

Now, I guess I need to go and find my old copy and get a bottle of TUMS.