Precision Donut!

I’ve gone and done it. I have been trying to hold out and save like a responsible adult for Rock Band, but failed. It should be coming in the mail within the week. Gotta say that I am a sucker for a game that comes so exquisitely equipped with instant gratification and the ability to partially mask my voice while singing.

I have played it before but needed it for home. We have a copy in our conference room at work, but to be honest I feel guilty for playing it there and I want to download song packs. At GDC our band “Meteor Squid” owned parties and I feel as though I need to carry on the tradition and practice more for next year.

My band name should be “Precision Donut.” This has a long story concerning a Lexus commercial. Just go with it because it sounds like a band name.

Ending on a sad note, Gary Gygax past away this morning.

Rest in peace to a pioneer.