A Rock Band in my Pocket!

It was fantastic going into work today and hearing that Guitar Hero was making the jump to DS. What made this great was yesterday’s post. Though, not anything really related to Guitar Hero, I felt the connection in my head and that really is all that matters.

Gamestop Page

You can go there to get your info and see the commercial. My major concern are the buttons and comfort level. Anyone that knows me knows that I generally have issues with things like this and will most likely find a way to get my hand out of the strap and drop kick my DS across the room whilst proving that it was entirely an accident. Apparently, according to the commercial, this game also helps you find a girl to make googly eyes at….but nothing else.

That really is enough for me. Now all I need is My Fitness Coach, so I have the equivalent of 3 DS’s in my pocket at all times. šŸ˜€